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Studynizer is an innovative calendar specially designed and programmed for students to solve their biggest problem: the organization. Students have difficulty to combine their free time, courses and their success, which leads to failure. Indicating their schedules, their courses and extracurricular activities, Studynizer will allow them to combine study and free time by automatically detecting the times of day when they are not busy. This planning will tell them which course to study and what time also.


Students, whether the upper or lower cycle, and all schools and universities.

To check the veracity of these statements, studies and the following items are available :


The school failure rate is quite significant and needs assistance, a tool, a support to help students organize their study to pass exams. In Belgium, in 2014, on 17,000 reported students only 10% of them were successful with an average score of 10/20 in the first semester. This is due to poor working method, the difficulty of reconciling life in kot, courses, independence, freedom, and many other factors. At the end of the academic year 2009-2010, in the high schools, the average success rate in the first year of the 1st generation of students from the secondary of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the German-speaking Community listed in the "short" type education is 40%. In higher education of "long" type, the success rate was 36% in 2009-2010. In university education, average success rate of students in 1st generation from the secondary of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation or the German-speaking Community is 38%.


Previously, no other applications was really suitable for the user. Studynizer is unique, he learns the user's way of life. In other words, it fits their lifestyle.


Studynizer concerns the new technologies, it is part of a sector in explosion over the last five years with the arrival on the market of smartphones and Appstores.

The principle of the application is the digital way to help students in their success in innovative way, by creating and integrating a student's life in a single application, so that the user becomes aware that this tool complements his studies to perfection.

By studying several times thanks to the application, users will not have to study the entire course at the last minute during the exams period.

Studynizer will reduce the risk of failure and increase the feeling of tranquility from their constant advancement. Studynizer is unique because no other person or any other organization has not developed such a system yet.


There is a market, the mobile applications one, it is varied and diverse. Studynizer is unique, it learns from its users and their lifestyle. In other words, it fits their lifestyle in order to steer the organization towards the best and optimal success.


Upper security.

Make greater success of your students by helping them to develop their potential.

Go beyond the statu quo.

Studynizer help your teaching and your institution to reach a higher level. Stand out from other institutions by getting the most out of your students.

Innovative and up to date.

Studynizer joins new consumer habits, at present, the majority of shares are made through smartphones.


The interface is easy to understand, simple and intuitive. Specially designed to provide the maximum to the user, in a short and effective manner.

Price, we discuss it together.

Fully adaptable annual fee based on the number of students in your school and / or university.


Your students will unpack, they will feel supported, with a better mindset thanks to you. Your initiative will be greatly rewarded by their gratitude.