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Studynizer is an innovative calendar specially designed and programmed for the students in order to solve their biggest problem: the organization.

A day is so short and made of so much opportunities.

Studynizer will tell you which course to study and when, depending on your schedule, your extracurricular activities and your free time.


Previously no other applications really suited to its user. Therefore Studynizer is unique, it learns about you and your lifestyle. In other words, it adapts to your own lifestyle, your daytimes and of course your free times.

The icing on the cake, Studynizer is absolutely free for the students.


"If you don't stick with what you got in your mind today, tomorrow you'll stick it in your ass." - Coluche

The preexam stress, it's over.

Helps you get organized to keep a regular study pace, calmly prepare yourself and not to study in a hurry during your exam session.

Get more of yourself.

By organizing your study time according to your various activities, you will have more free time to spend.

Enhances the long-term memorisation.

The study just before an exam involves the short-term memory, which has the disadvantage to forget a big chunk of matter shortly after the evaluation. Through this regular study system, the information discussed will be kept permanently in the brain instead of being stored there temporarily.


As a student it is necessary to study, nonetheless its is also necessary to chill. Studynizer knows it and this is why it will help you planning your party's in order to have fun living your fresh student life.

Fits your desires.

Whether you're overworked or that you have more free time, Studynizer finds the best time of day to help you review your important lessons in order not to be late in your cursus.

Completely free.

Currently a loads of apps on the stores are expensive, why should a student pay even more money to succeed his academical years ? Studynizer has understood that issue and tender to offer the uppermost services for free to its users.!



" The one who doesn't plan his success, is planning a failure. " - Anonymous


After spending a year in university (specialization Physiotherapy) and failed, I questioned myself. In other words, I analyzed why the failure rate among students was so high. I realized that the lack of organization between his own time and the time to devote to his studies was the major cause. So I decided to create an application capable of conciling them in order to make life easier for students and increase the level of academic success.

I am 20 and from Charleroi. At the moment I am still in my first year and I keep studying physiotherapy.